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Important Questions to Ask Your Cloud Solutions Provider

There’s no doubt that solutions offered via a cloud computing platform deliver cost
savings, speed implementation, reduce IT department strain and award ROI more
quickly -- compared to traditional software rollouts. With more flexibility, better scalability
and increased performance, it’s become a platform of choice.

When considering a relationship with a Cloud vendor, there are several questions to think about in regards to security, and making sure your content is protected. To help you get stareted, we've listed them below. Or, download a printable version here.

Top Security Questions to Ask a Cloud Solutions Provider

  1. Are the data and assets that are moving between the business and the vendor's cloud-computing infrastructure secured in some way? How?
  2. Are the data or assets that are held encrypted? How?
  3. How are held data and assets stored? Is it separated between clients or is it stored on
    one database? How is it separated?
  4. Who has database access? What controls are in place?
  5. Are users authenticated? How?
  6. What controls would prevent vendor insiders from accessing and downloading your data?
  7. In terms of service availability, will your vendor to sign a service-level agreement?
  8. Is the data center in a safe location? What are the back-up plans?
  9. What information is captured in audit logs?
  10. How often, and by whom, is the security of the Cloud vendor reviewed?
  11. Is the Cloud vendor open to discussions of all these questions? Do they have a dedicated
    security liaison?
  12. Does the Cloud vendor offer alternative forms of Cloud deployment, ones that would
    offer your company more control over data if required?

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