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We've put together a checklist that assembles some of the requirements that creative services professionals have presented, when seeking a Digital Content Review, Approval and Routing Management Solution to optimize workflow.

This will help jump start your evaluation of available tools and technologies to find one that best fits what your processes demand. Download the excel version to get started.


Requirement Description Status Comment
Ability to brand Ability to customize the user interface for various client views. Provide a “branded” client view to the solution system to view relevant assets.   
Firewall compliant
(Guarantee we will have no firewall issues - no bugs)
Email notification alerts and site access through common http protocols  
Supplier will provide the hosted site Type of infrastructure and network used.   
Ability to Create/View NotesAssuming that associated project data should be managed within the system along with the graphic files.  
(work with multiple users at the same time)
How do users and reviewers interact and respond, both simultaneously and sequentially. How is this controlled? With rules or ad hoc?  
Transactional Log
(who logged in, dates, times)
Assign date and timestamp to every activity in the system for audit ability requirements  
Ability to approve or reject proofs Unparalleled capacity for non-technical users to easily review, comment on, approve or request changes to proofs.   
Ability to customize reviewer status selection options Customize the review status selection options, account wide or case by case.   
Auto Email Notification Automatic alerts for outbound and inbound   
Requirement Description Status Comment
Ability to Brand Email NotificationOutbound email notification carries brand identity  
Difference Tool
(compare versions or rounds of proofing)

Ability to download proof file
(PDF or MECH file)

As a delivery mechanism  
Proof Routing
(dynamic – if a user approves, it automatically goes to the next approver)
Rules-based workflows   
Sends user to a specific or custom website after they have completed the proofing Revenue model – Reviewer driven to to custom landing page to receive relevant offers.   
Preview multiple files types - including motion and interactive content such as Flash, Video, Animation The system is able to route and preview all file types, including but not limited to pdf, swf, fla, mov, mpeg, avi, wmv, jpg, png, all other creative file types, doc, msp, xls etc.  
Web Content capabilities System allows for presentation of a web page without requiring a separate file or screenshot to be manually created and uploaded.   
Workflow Connectivity with Nexus RIP, PROCESS, or PDF (auto upload)Auto Upload   
Instant MessengerIM interface built into the app  
Co-Branded Site Option for branding login page and other aspects of app for clients or otherwise   
Mac and PC compatibleAll software selected must work cross platform   
Global accessMust be globally accessible   
DelegationAbility to delegate system responsibilities to another user for a specified amount of time.   
Web-basedSystem must be web-based utilizing a thin-client   
Cross BrowserThe system must function similarly across all browser platforms including but not limited to Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.   
Workflow Creation Easy-to-use interface to build and maintain routing workflows   
Workflow AutomationAutomated workflow, with automated routing of files and/or assets based on project set-up   
Workflow TemplatesAbility to create pre-defined workflows that can be assigned to a project   
Parallel and Sequential Approval Work stepAbility to have both parallel and sequential work steps within a workflow  
Project Closure    
Storage of Project DocumentsSystem collects all project related data, files and assets in central location   
ArchivalCompression of all project assets, files, approvals, metadata for migration to location for archiving (ex. - 3rd party DAM, existing DAM, tape, etc.)   
Reminder Notifications Automatice n otifications that are re-sent, should action not be taken within a given amount of time   
Complex Filter CapabilitiesAbility to Filter views to specific offices, users.   
Search Ability to search by Job ID, Customer Keyword...   
Requirement Description Status Comment
Dashboard Reporting     
Ability to do real time status reports on projects    
System can run scheduled reports without intervention (i.e. weekly, and monthly)   
Provide standard activity reports including: User activity report, Customer activity report, Project Report, Custom   
RequirementDescription StatusComment
System must be part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan including recovery at a hot site location.    
Security of the hosting facility, system network, and system application    

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