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Top 5 Creative Workflow Challenges Facing Agencies
The status quo won't cut it anymore. Advertising Agencies need new ways to:

        1. Generate Revenues Faster
        2. Streamline Workflow & Business Processes
        3. Increase Productivity
        4. Grow the Business
        5. Better Manage Interactive and Motion Content

Why? Because the landscape has changed. Advertising and marketing content is evolving and moving online, making it easier than ever to get campaigns to market before competitors do. And, when that happens, the pay off is big -- happy, satisfied clients, the capture of new business, and faster time-to-revenue. There’s much at stake.

Keeping up with the demands of new trends, while using traditional workflow processes, presents many challenges, however. Outdated and inefficient, traditional processes can't accommodate the reality of the challenges faced by Agencies today -- including more complex creative workflow needs. Time and money gets wasted and teams become stressed out, instead of allowing creativity to flourish and projects to become more profitable.

Ideas on Overcoming Workflow Challenges for Agencies

  1. Identify the Bottlenecks, Process Frictions & Efficiency Leaks
    Think about the creative workflow and identify the spots -- those wasteful steps and interactions -- that keep content from moving forward and getting to market faster. Where are they? Hidden in excessive delays from too many correction cycles, errors or unclear communications? Waiting on and chasing down approvals?

    Now, think about how they affect each of the people involved in the creative process. Do they have the time needed to be creative and get the important stuff done? Why are mistakes being made? Are teams stressed? Are clients satisfied?

    Each time a bottleneck occurs, it costs money. It’s that simple. Find the bottlenecks, the process frictions, the efficiency leaks…and remove them. Now, there's value in existing processes, increased productivity, and more revenue from every project budget.

  2. Automate with Technology & Tools
    Effective tools and technologies that clean-up and automate processes are designed for the way Agencies work today, and help overcome top workflow challenges by accelerating project cycles and time-to-market; capturing workflow data; providing transparency and accountability; improving communications; reducing frictions; and managing the reviews and approvals of motion content including video, Flash, and web design.

    Whether for business management, project management or creation and assembly, technologies and tools help create more time for what needs to get done, from developing great ideas to getting campaigns to market faster. The return on resources can range from exceptionally high to moderate, depending on the technology or the tool’s organization impact. For more information on this topic, download the Fit and Function of Technology PDF.

    When considering opportunities for optimization, note that automation can provide one of the most significant for overcoming the challenges of Agencies who are trying to move content forward through creative workflow, particularly through the review and approval cycle.

  3. Spend on Efficiency
    The good news is, money is already being spent on creative processes. So when considering a spend on optimization, the money is already there, it does not require a new line item on the budget.
    The bad news? There’s way too much being spent, and there is no value being gained.

    Taking this money, which is currently hidden as excessive correction cycles, make goods, overnight fees, and losses in productivity, and investing in efficiency...now you've got value.

    Where in the creative process is money being wasted? It's there. Find it and spend on optimization and efficiency.

To explore how an Approval Management Technology can help your Agency increase profit from project budgets by up to 37% and overcome other top workflow challenges, email or call our solutions team at 888.462.8044.

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  • • Up to 30% of a creative team's time is spent managing reviews and approvals.
  • • Profit potential and valuable time-to-market are lost when projects get hung up in the Review and Approval Process.
  • • Streamlining the Review and Approval process creates the biggest boost to workflow productivity & bottom line.
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