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2012 is the year when smart businesses are addressing their workflow challenges to get stuff done. Here are the things that must be considered:
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  • Learn about the challenges that keep creative departments from profitability and productivity.
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  • Each of these people are involved in the creative process - what you should know about their involvement and expectations.
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  • A look at the financial impact that creative services has on both costs and opportunities.
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  • Read the stories of businesses that have successfully tackled workflow challenges that you may relate to, and how it has impacted their company.
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  • More resources and tips to help you make smart decisions.

Deploying tools for managing creative workflow went from being a "nice to have," to being a "must have" for staying competitive and in business.
It's happening now. Be ready.

Reaping big gains by creating
process efficiencies...

By closely examining their creative workflow, the ad and marketing agency, Partners and Napier, was surprised to find big inefficiencies hiding in this one spot at their agency. Fortunately for them, and their clients, they decided to do something about it. Read the story.

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10 Luminaries Look Ahead to the Business of Reading

Here's what 10 Media and Tech luminaries think about the future of the printed word and its relevance today.

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13 Rules to Protect Your Brand

Creative approval workflow is a critical piece when it comes to protecting and enforcing your company's brand ID standards. See just how it comes in to play.

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Fit & Function of Creative Technologies & Tools

Understand the fit of Technologies and Tools used in the creative landscape.

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